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Fire is a Pakistani Urdu-language film

Fire is a Pakistani Urdu-language film which stars Meera, Reema and Moammar Rana.
Plot Summary: Fire is a story about Momi (Zeeshan) lives with his younger brother and mother. He works in an office and he has a very thick friendship with Noman Masood (Bilal) who works with him in the office. Momi's younger brother who is engaged to Noman's sister, studies in a college. One day he has a bet with his fianceé and he kisses the hand of Meera who also studies there. Meera feels insulted and she goes to her brother Saud who is the "badmash" of the film.

Saud takes his men and goes to Momi's house and kills his brother and sets his house on fire. And then he kills Noman's sister as well. Since Meera thinks that she was responsible for making Momi's brother kiss her hand, Momi and Noman tries to file case against Saud but Saud hires a police officer who that police officer files a fake case of terrorism against Momi and his mother. In the jail Momi meets lady police officer, Reema, who gets harsh with his mother and slaps his mother on her face. Momi gets mad and he by chance takes out revolver from Reema's belt and takes her to a deserted place.
On the other side Saud also gets Noman and tortures him and kills his sister in front of him. In return, Noman kidnaps Meera (Saud's sister). Momi and Noman decide on a meeting place and they take along Reema and Meera with them. Both of the protagonists run from there and take Reema and Meera with them. They reach a hilly area that is owned by a tribe. The son takes all four to the master of the tribe and there Momi and Noman tell their stories. Reema and Meera believe them and fall in love with them.
Cast: Reema, Moammar Rana, Meera, Nirma, Noman Masood, Saud.

Lollywood Film Moosa Khan 2001

Moosa Khan is a 2001 film which was directed by Shaan. The film starred Saima, Afzal Khan and Shaan.
Synopsis: The storyline is based around Shaan and Saima. Moosa played by Shaan grows up in a cave due to his father being killed. His father was Maulvi who died in Moosa hands when a bunch terrorist came and attacked his Mosque. Saima comes along with her father who dies as well when some infidels attack and she is taken hostage by Shamoon (Shafqat Cheema) for her exterior. What will Moosa do about this?
Plot: The movie is set in a time warp in the colonial subcontinent Kashmirpur and its environs are seemingly inhabited by Muslims, Hindus and Christians. Beautiful white doves of symbolizing peace also fly around about in the foreground in idyllic slow motion while an audience is introduced to the local Mosque and its saintly Maulvi Mufti played by Abid Ali. The Maulvi completes his prayer and emerges from the distance as pigeons and doves flutter about in a mad frenzy.

Meanwhile we are shown that across the way there is a temple where instead of doves of peace, there is a python by large group of snarling, drooling old men in orange robes, with funky hairstyles who are cringing at the sound of the azaan from the nearby Maulvi. So enraged are they by this sound and the Maulvi who is responsible for it that they hatch an evil scheme in collusion with the local godless firangi gora's (white men - who worship only money) to bring about the end to the sound once and for all.
As the "infidels" try to gun down the lecturing Maulvi their guns suddenly malfunction by divine intervention and when the ghastly infidels decide to fire some heavy artillery and rocket launchers at the mosque (it appears divine intervention only disables rifles and pistols but not rocket launchers) the super-human Maulvi appears magically leaping in the way of the projectiles, thwarting any attempt at desecrating the mosque. Then, while the background "audience" turns from Peace mode to jihad mode, the Maulvi mumbles a few pious utterances and launches his "tasbee" (holy beads) into the air to see it transform in mid air into a holy Sword of Islam. He dramatically catches the falling blade and proceeds to hack to death the entire lot of goons who had dared to try to attack the mosque. As The Maulvi finally caves in as his blimpish child Moosa, "sorry Moosa" the maulvi says in slow motion to the death scene, his eyes burning with the fire of vengeance.
Moosa grows up in a cave somewhere, having turned his back on his religion due to the disillusionment that he felt when his father was murdered. He has instead taken to living alone in some distant caves with his horse Sheru as company. Moosa (Shaan) has turned into a cold hearted mercenary but all that is soon set to change with Saima's arrival.
She shows up, dressed to kill with her father. He clearly had his own reasons for bringing his daughter to this place but when the goons start making moves on her he turns defensive and starts throwing moralizing lectures for this he gets shot by one of the goons. Shamoon (Shafqat Cheema) sporting his usual bizarre "get up" with flowing pony tail and reptilian accessories becomes obsessed by Saima's voluptuousness, Shamoon imprisons Saima in the lair. However in keeping with the films utterly warped manner Saima chooses to stab herself to death rather than to compromise her "izzat" (honour) as any normal "honourable" woman would (should?) do. Shamoon has her stitched up in the nick of time, yet she remains merely a captive pet for her tormentor, waiting for the first opportunity to flee. Saima is rescued from Shamoon's clutches one night by Moosa and whisked away to freedom, but just when she is beginning to take a fancy to her rescuer it's revealed that all he intended to do was use her as part of a transaction or agreement. Saima is stunned when Moosa gives her over to another set of captors .Saima begs him not to do this, but he continues to walk away, stone faced and impassive. As Moosa is about to mount onto his horse and ride off into the distance, Saima comes up with a brainwave; she takes to covering her head with a scarf (in dramatic slow-motion) and starts reciting the words (with added echo effect) of the Quran in a last ditch effort to get through to the stubborn Moosa. When Saima reaches a crescendo with the retort of "Kya tum Moosa nahin ho" (Are you not Moosa?) her words finally seem to hit the right spot and suddenly Moosa assumes the role that his father the saintly Maulvi had always dreamed of.
Moosa forcefully bludgeons his way through the fully armed opposition and rescues again and makes away with Saima to the safety of the forest where they are joined by his childhood chum Georgie (Rembo). Love blossoms and Saima and Moosa get married and build their dream home away from the troubles of the world but Shamoon's henchmen are constantly searching every inch of the forest in order to recover Saima and destroy Moosa and it is a matter of time before they discover the mountainside home. Meanwhile Saima produces a child-thing and forces her husband to bury his weapons and to take to praying for solace.
One fateful day while the ghastly tot/child and father are away hunting, Shamoon's horrible henchmen show up. There follows the usual bloodbath and mayhem as sprog and dad return to begin their jihad. In one of the more hysterical scenes of the movie we have Moosa performing his prayers when a goon with a huge machine gun arrives firing shot after shot at Moosa, but these giant bullets float in Matrix-like slow motion towards our hero and each time by divine intervention they somehow fail to hit their target. In a moment of sublime ridiculousness Moosa in fact catches the last bullet in mid air and tosses it aside disdainfully before striding out, (angels in full battle cry by now) to purge the land of all evil.
Cast: Saima, Shaan, Noor, Jan Rambo, Laila, Tariq Shah, Abid Ali, Nayyar Ejaz, Adeeb, Ahmad Mithu, Jahangir, Mughal, Masood Akhtar, Hamyun Qureshi, Shafqat Cheema, Bidya Rao. 

Love Mein Gum is an upcoming Lollywood Urdu film

Love Mein Gum is an upcoming Lollywood Urdu film, directed and produced by Reema Khan, that will star Moammar Rana, Reema Khan, Nabeel Khan and Araida in the lead roles. The music is composed by Arshad Mehmood and the lyrics are penned by Khawaja Parvez. The film was earlier titled as Kitni Haseen Hai Zindagi.
The first spell of the film was shot in Azerbaijan's city Baku and second in Malaysia, Khan's second film abroad.
Cast: Moammar Rana, Reema Khan, Javed Sheikh, Nadeem Baig, Ali Saleem, Nabeel Khan, Araida Corbol, Johnny Lever. 
The film was to be released on Eid ul-Fitr 2010, but due to the external weak condition of country caused by the history's worst ever floods, the release date was extended. The film was slated to be released on Eid al-Adha 2010, however the release date was pushed back further to mid-2011. Khan has said this is due to Muharram and she does not want to work during the month. In spite of this, Khan has said that the trailer of the film will be released on Eid-ul-Adha and the rights of the film has been bought by Aaj TV.

Khuda Kay Liye is a 2007 Pakistani Urdu-language drama film

Khuda Kay Liye is a 2007 Pakistani Urdu-language drama film written, directed and produced by Shoaib Mansoor, starring Shaan, Iman Ali, Fawad Afzal Khan and Hameed Sheikh. Naseeruddin Shah, an Indian actor known for his performances in Indian parallel cinema and theater also appears in the film.
Most of the film was shot on locations in Chicago, Lahore and the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. Produced by Geo TV, Khuda Kay Liye was theatrically released in Pakistan on July 20, 2007, and grossed over $10 million worldwide. Critical response of the film was generally positive, with some religious conservatives criticizing the film and called for a ban in Pakistan. Overall, there was a tremendous curiosity around the film due to the presence of big names and resulted in a grand opening and the film turned out to be a huge commercial as well as a critical success in Pakistan and also in neighboring country, India.
Plot: Three different people from different continents have problems that relate to ongoing issues and Islam.
Two brothers who are both singers, Mansoor (Shaan) and Sarmad (Fawad), become two of the best singers in Lahore. Sarmad becomes influenced by an Islamic activist. He begins to practice the extremist interpretation of Islam, grows a beard and goes against music, also putting pressure on his free-spirited family to comply. Those parties interpret certain verses of the Quran and Hadith (Islamic religious texts) to call for a ban on music and pictures.
In England, a girl Mary/Mariam (played by actor-model Iman Ali) is a westernized girl in love with a guy name Dave. Her hypocritical father disapproves, despite the fact that he is living with a British woman to whom he is not married. He tells Mary that they are going to Pakistan for a trip and that once they return she can marry Dave. This, however is a trap. While touring FATA, he has her forcibly married to Sarmad, who is her cousin. Mary is then abandoned in FATA at her new household.
Meanwhile, Mansoor goes to music school in Chicago. There, he meets a girl called Janie and instantly falls in love with her. She quits alcohol for him, and they eventually get married. After 9/11, FBI officers capture him when someone overhears a drunk man accusing Mansoor of being a terrorist. Subsequently, he is tortured for a year in custody just because of his Islamic background.
Meanwhile, Mary manages to run away, but is caught by Sarmad in the process. She is kept under strict supervision and due to this incident, Sarmad eventually consummates their marriage by force. She doesn't lose hope, managing to sneak a letter to Dave under the guise of writing to her father. Mansoor and Sarmad's parents finally come to her rescue under the protection of the British Government, but Mary, driven by vengeance, then takes her father and cousin to court in Pakistan. There, a Maulana (Naseeruddin Shah) explains to the court how Islam is being butchered in the name of war and hatred, bringing the religion forward in a believable and peaceful manner.
Traumatized by all the suffering he has seen and caused, Sarmad withdraws from the case. He also realizes the damage that he was made to do in the name of religion. Mary is now free, but decides to return to the village where she was kept prisoner, so she can educate the girls there. Meanwhile, Mansoor is still in U.S. custody after a year of torment; the last torture session having inflicted permanent brain damage. After a failed rehab attempt, he is deported and reunited with his family in Pakistan where, thanks to the hope of his family, he begins to slowly recover.
Khuda Kay Liye was released on July 20, 2007.

Pakistani Urdu Film "Mujhe Chand Chahiye" 2000

Mujhe Chand Chahiye is a Pakistani Urdu film which was released in March 2000 in Pakistan. The film was Shaan's second directorial venture, and was met with a huge response at the box office. Stars included Moammar Rana, Atiqa Odho, Javed Sheikh and Reema. The movie's story revolved around the life of a divorced woman (Atiqa Odho) and her musician son (Shaan) who fantasises about a model (Noor). Some famous tracks from this film include Tujhey Dekha Tau Yoon LagaJaan Bhi De Doon and the sensational Punjabi track by Abrar-ul-Haq Waan Kutiya. The film was composed by the Pakistani pop singer Sajjad Ali.
Cast: Shaan, Noor (as Chand), Moammar Rana, Reema (as Zameen), Javed Sheikh (as Razi), Atiqa Odho (as Maima).

Bol is an upcoming Urdu film written, directed and produced by Shoaib Mansoor

Bol is an upcoming Urdu film written, directed and produced by Shoaib Mansoor. This Urdu feature film is expected to release on 24 June 2011. The film stars Atif AslamHumaima Malik Mahira Khan, Shafqat Cheema, Manzar Sehbai, Zaib Rehman & Amr Kashmiri in the lead roles.
Atif Aslam, who features in the film as a doctor, in an interview stated, "I have done two songs for the soundtrack. It’s been a great experience working with Shoaib Mansoor, he is an amazing person and very dedicated. The film is about Sunnis and Shias. My role isn’t controversial and we discussed it beforehand. It’s a film that is being made for a good cause". The film was reviewed by the Central Board of Film Censors in Lahore on 8 November 2010, and received its approval the next day. The film is set in Lahore and many students from National College of Arts' (NCA) filmmaking department have assisted Shoaib Mansoor on the film.

Lollywood Urdu Movie "Jhoomer" Directed By Syed Noor in 2007

Jhoomer, is a Pakistani Urdu film directed by Syed Noor which was released across theaters in Pakistan on November 2, 2007. The film based on a true story, Saima and Moammar Rana perform leading roles in this film.
Plot: The story written by Syed Noor revolves around Gulaab Bibi (Saima), a village belle who falls in love with a dashing army officer Shahnawaz (Momey) posted in her village along the Pakistan-India border. Shahnawaz hails from a well-off wadera family that owns, among other things, an imposing haveli complete with a two-way staircase in the entrance hall that serves as a vantage point for theatrical entries and exits by different characters throughout the film.

In Shahnawaz’s family, both his brothers Ricky Mirza and Danial Khan and a heavy-duty, bedecked sister-in-law put up serious opposition to his marriage plans to Gulaab. Instead, they have their sights set on his brother’s glamorous sister-in-law (played by the late actress Aleena) as a much more suitable match for him.
Shahnawaz, however, foils their plans by bringing the newlywed Gulaab to the haveli, much to the ire of his family, before setting off for a romantic honeymoon. Trouble rears its ugly head when Gulaab is supposedly found to be unable to have children and his younger brother [Danial Khan] [The negative role has been performed Exceptionally well] puts pressure on Shahnawaz to marry Aleena for the sake of carrying on the lineage. Tragedy follows, when she is eventually kicked out of the house after being falsely blamed of having an affair. In a bid to commit suicide, a devastated Gulaab consequently finds herself on the wrong side of the Wagah Border. She is whisked off to jail after interrogation.
What follows in the second half of the film is the metamorphosis of Saima from a naïve village girl to a defiant, courageous, and larger-than-life heroine who braves the horrific circumstances of prison in order to eventually redeem herself in the eyes of Shahnawaz, who, in a twist ending, is the one suffering from infertility and not she.
Cast: Saima, Moammar Rana, Danial Khan, Aleena and Shafqat Cheema.

Pakistani Movie "Khulay Asmaan Kay Neechay" 2008

Khulay Asmaan Kay Neechay is a Pakistani movie directed by Javed Sheikh starring Sana and Saleem Sheikh along with Humayoon Saeed, Nadeem, Bahroz Sabswari and Javed Sheikh. “They (Pakistanis) will all be proud of my film and will own up to it as a Pakistani product as it is a perfect family film. Javed Sheikh. Humayoon Saeed discloses in a TV interview that film is based on a love story between a Pakistani guy (played by Humayoon Saeed) and an Indian girl (played by Sana).The filming locations are unique, talking in an interview Javed Sheikh said it's exclusively shot in four different countries: Australia, UAE,India and Pakistan.
SynopsisFrom the maker of the immensely successful Yeh Dil Aap Ka Huwa comes another fantastic family film “Khulay Asmaaan Kay Neechay”. KAKN is a complete family entertainer, shot on lavish locales like Australia, Dubai, India and Pakistan. The breathtaking scenery transports you to another world with its music and grandeur.

The story revolves around a young man who marries a girl of his choice against the wishes of his family. His father, had dotingly wanted him to marry the daughter of his family member and she too, in all her innocence has lived this dream.
But the Path of true love is seldom smooth. Over emotional turmoil, family drama and poignant scenes, true love triumphs over all because matches are made in heaven.
The film has strong emotional, moralistic and family values. Slated to be Pakistan most expensive film ever, the film was released in July 2008.
1.Allah Allah Dulhan
2.Dhoop Bahri
3.Dil Day Tah
4.Her Dil Mein Dil Bar
5.Ladki Mombai Ke
6.Tere Arzoo

The film also has an expensive budget of Rs.8 Crores($900000),the most expensive Pakistani film ever. Before this Khuda Kay Liye was made of a budget of 5 crores.

Channa Sachi Muchi is a 2010 Punjabi-language Indian film

Channa Sachi Muchi is a 2010 Punjabi-language Indian film. It is written and directed by Harinder Gill and stars Miss Pooja, Goldy, Jas Prem Dhillon and Rana Ranbir. The film is based on the increasing drug menace in Punjab. It is the second film in which Miss Pooja has appeared. Filming began on 20 February 2010 at Chandigarh Group of Colleges' Campus in village Ghaduaan.

Pakistani Film Salakhain 2004 Synopsis, Plot and Cast

Salakhain is a Lollywood film which was released in 2004. Stars included Ahmed Butt, Zara Sheikh and Meera. Music was composed by M Arshad. Sajid Hassan and Saud were cast as villains with Shafi Muhammad as their boss.
Synopsis: Salakhain is an Urdu feature film set in the backdrop of Gawalmandi, Lahore. It is the story of a young man who is passionate about life and dreams of a bright and prosperous future. Little does he know what life has in store for him? He is destined for a future engulfed with hatred, anger and revenge.

Introducing 'Ahmad', Pakistan's most sought after model and winner of LUX Style Awards 2003 for Best Model, in the Lead role, Salakhain is devoid of Compassion and sympathy. Full of nonstop action, Salakhain is a thriller sure to make you sit upright in your chair.
Plot: Salakhain tells the story of an innocent, hardworking student called Faizan (Ahmed Butt) who comes from a lower middle class family and who is in love with an equally innocent and earnest looking young girl. Faizan is the good son and wants to live with to his fathers dream which is to make a business and improve the lifestyle of their family. Unfortunately the dreams are shattered while he was taking his exams as he is implicated in a crime a dispute with the booti mafia (people facilitating cheating during exams), this results to his fathers death and mother's mental health due to shock, one following the other in quick succession.
In jail he meets a man called Zaigham (Saud) and becomes friends with him who knows his enemies well and has his own issues to pick up with them. Zaigham gets Faizan out of lock-up. Faizan now wants revenge for his parents. The rest is as predictable as any action movie made anywhere in the world - a journey towards retribution, passing through the maze called politics and crime.
It has got good reviews from critics who say that the performance of the actors is "flawless"
Apparently, the theme looks promising because it is taken to represent how the world works around us - the innocent getting caught up in the web of crime and influence through no or little fault of their own. But much seems to have changed since this subject was first adopted. Take, for example, the case of student politics. It lost its allure long ago, when student unions were banned during Zia's Martial Law. Similarly, the era of staged police encounters on the directives of the highest political authorities also seems to be over, for the time being if not forever. Public anger over the criminalization of politics has either subsided into a sense of resignation or has been co-opted through the networks of power and patronage. The vicarious pleasure that the audience could feel at the demise of a powerful villain at the hands of an ordinary young man no longer rings a familiar chord with the society at large.
Cast: Zara Sheikh, Meera, Saud Ali, Ahmed Butt, Shafi Mohammad and Sajid Hasan.

Lollywood Punjabi Film Choorian 1998

Choorian is a Pakistani Punjabi film by Ch. Shahzad Ali for Pak Nishan Films directed by Syed Noor. It was released in 1998 and the stars include Moammar Rana and Saima.
Synopsis: A simple love story, city boy Bakhtu (Moammar Rana) is sent to live with his uncle back in the village. He soon falls in love with his uncle's older daughter Billo (Saima). Billo is a servant in her own house, and does all the chores which are overseen by Bahar her stepmother. Bahar treats her like a slave throughout the movie while her two daughters live like queens.
Plot: City boy Bakhtu,(Moammar Rana)goes to live with uncle back in the village. Here he sees Billo (Saima), his uncle's older daughter and falls in love. Terrorised by her stepmother (Bahar) and stepsisters, Billo is a servant in her own home.

Bakhtu declares his love for her, which is not going down well with Bahar,who having seen Bakhtu, wants her own daughter Nargis married to him. On the other hand Nargis is not going to wait for dear mummy, and attempts to win him over with a sizzling dance number in the rain, but fails miserably.Things come to a boiling point when the couple are confronted by Bahar,the situation is ill-handled by Bakhtu who insults his aunt,calling her a churail and is thrown out of the house. Bahar who want be insulted in her own home quickly makes arrangements for Billo to marry a local Chaudry. Will it end there or will Bakhtu and Billo find true love.

Lollywood Urdu Film "Kabhi Pyar Na Karna" 2008

Kabhi Pyar Na Karna is a Pakistani Urdu film directed by Javed Raza. Zara Sheikh and Moammar Rana perform leading roles in this film. Kabhi Pyar Na Karna was released on April 18, 2008.The film was a dead flop.
The film was shot in USA and Pakistan.
Cast: Moammar Rana, Zara Sheikh, Veena Malik, Neha Dhupia... Item Song, Shamyl Khan.

Bhai Log is a 2011 Lollywood Urdu film

Bhai Log is a 2011 Lollywood Urdu film, directed by Syed Faisal Bukhari, who has previously directed TV serials, and produced by Ch. Ijaz Kamran, Dialouges And Screenplay By M.Pervaiz Kaleem. The cast includes Moammar Rana, Saima Noor, Nadeem Baig, Javed Sheikh, Noor in lead roles. The music is composed by M. Arshad Film Is Edited By Adeel Pk. The film is scheduled to be released on Eid-ul-Fitr 2011.
The film is shot in Pakistan, and locations include Karachi, Lahore, Quetta and Kallar Kahar.
Cast: Moammar Rana as Raja, Babar Ali as Faizu, Saima Noor ans Munniya, Javed Sheikh as Aslam Bhai, Nadeem Baig as Abba Bhai, Shamoon Abbasi as Inspector Nagra, Noor as Jia, Meera as Sughi, Babrak Shah as Hassan and Sila Hussain as Lailla.

Pakistani Urdu Film "Ramchand Pakistani" Synopsis, plot, cast and Snaps

Ramchand Pakistani is a Pakistani Urdu film that tells a true story about a boy who inadvertently crosses the border between Pakistan and India and the following ordeal that his family has to go through.
Synopsis: Nandita Das plays Champa, a Hindu woman who is left desolate when her young son and husband disappear one day from their village at the Pakistan-India border near Nagarparkar, in Tharparkar. Nandita Das is the only non-Pakistani actor in the large cast comprising well-known Pakistani TV and stage personalities including Rashid Farooqi, Noman Aijaz, Maria Wasti, Zhalay Sarhadi, Syed Fazal Ahmed, (who plays the title role) Farooq Pario, Shahood Alvi, Adarsh Ayaz, Salim Mairaj, Tipu, and Navaid Jabbar (no relation to the producer or director).

Ramchaal crossing of the Pakistan-India border during a period (June 2002) of extreme, war-like tension between the two countries by two members of a Pakistani Hindu family belonging to the 'untouchable' Dalit caste, and the extraordinary consequences of this unintended action upon the lives of a woman, a man, and their son.
The singular theme of the film is how a child from Pakistan aged eight years learns to cope with the trauma of forced separation from his mother while being held prisoner, along with his father in the jail of a country i.e. India, which is hostile to his own, while on the other side of the border, the wife-mother, devastated by their sudden disappearance builds a new chapter of her life, by her solitary struggle for sheer survival.

The film portrays a true picture of how the people living close to the border unknowingly cross border and how they are used by both the nations as pawns to negotiate and prove each others point.
Plot: This is a simple story, told very simply. Ramchand is a 8 year old Pakistani Hindu living near the border to India with his parents. He has a rather petulant anger, and on such occasion, crosses over the border inadvertently and is caught by Indian forces. His father sees him wander over and follows him, to be also captured. His mom realizes this the next day with the help of friends, but is powerless to do anything about it, other than spend her days waiting for them to return.
At first, the prisoner father-son duo find it tough to adjust, but they settle down eventually. The movie spans a period of 4 to 5 years before they are released. The strength of the movie is in the telling of the tale, aided by the power of the uniformly strong acting and delicate direction. With such an ominous premise, the fact that neither country is vilified is a huge relief, if slightly incredible.
Cast: Nandita Das as Champa, Syed Fazal Hussain as Younger Ramchand, Navaid Jabbar as Older Ramchand, Rashid Farooqui as Shankar, Maria Wasti as Kamla, Nouman Ijaz as Abdullah, Adnan Shah as Sharma, Adarsh Ayaz as Moti, Farooq Pario as Suresh, Shahood Alvi as Asif Hussain, Zhaley Sarhadi as Lakshmi, Atif Badar as Lalu, Saleem Mairaj as Vishesh, Saif-e-Hasan as Murad, Rao Saleem as Interrogator, Border Security Force, India, Karim Bux Baloch as Baloch, Master Yaqub as Baba Gul, Hassan Niazi as Deepak, Kazim Raza as Professor, Muhammad Rafiq as Bengali, Sajid Shah as Inspector, Border Security Force, India, Iqbal Motilani as Maulvi and Anis Chachar as Captain Saleem.

Lollywood urdu film Mein Ek Din Laut Kay Aaoon Ga 2007

Mein Ek Din Laut Kay Aaoon Ga is a Lollywood Urdu film starring Humayun Saeed, Nadeem, Nausheen Ali Sarder, Puja Kanwal and Javed Sheikh. The film is directed by Mohammad Javed Fazil.
The film was released on August 22, 2007 in the UK.
Plot: Zoheb (Ahmed Butt) runs his late father’s business with the help of Mr. Khan (Javed Sheikh). His mother, Mrs. Haroon (Saba Pervaiz), is busy preparing for her daughter’s wedding while also on the lookout for a suitable match for her son. Meanwhile, Zoheb chances to meet Sheeza (Pooja Kanwal) and a song or two later, falls madly in love with her and marries her without his mother’s consent. But, once she finds out, Saba's character asks her son to bring his wife home. While driving back home with his bride, Zoheb is pushed over a cliff by Sheeza.
Hence, the first twist — Sheeza is actually Mr. Khan’s daughter, who had suffered insult at the hands of Zoheb’s father when the latter refused to give him his share in the business. Sheeza married the son to avenge her father’s mistreatment, and the father-daughter duo then force Zoheb’s family out of the house and forcibly take possession of all the property.
But unknown to the Khans, Zoheb survives the fall at the cost of having his face mutilated. Enters his savior, plastic surgeon Dr Azim (Nadeem), who not only gives him a new face but a new name as well, Babar (Humayun Saeed). But Zoheb’s new identity also has a past and it is only when Sherry (Nausheen Sardar) enters the picture that he finds out about it. Sherry wants revenge over wrongs Babar had committed against her, and attempts to kill Zoheb, not realizing that the man with Babar's face is actually Zoheb. She plants a car bomb in Zoheb's car, and in a surprise twist Sheeza in a motorcycle comes to warn Zoheb. After jumping over a tractor trailer in the car (Sheeza uses very good driving skills to guide the motorcycle under the trailer), Zoheb knocks his car into another, causing it to flip and explode. The car he was in then also explodes, but not before Sheeza is able to alert him and save his life. Zoheb flirts with death on many additional occasions but ultimately is able to convince Sherry that he is in fact not Babar. After some more unexpected twists, Sherry falls in love with Babar and plans to help him avenge himself from the likes of Mr. Khan and Sheeza. First Zoheb kills Mr. Khan's henchman, in a surprising swimming pool scene in which the henchman is chased down and strangled by a snake that causes him to leap out of the pool in pain. Later, Zoheb plants a bomb in Mr. Khan's car, leading to Khan's demise. And finally, he exacts revenge on Sheeza, whose saving his life was not enough to save her own. Zoheb and Sherry are seen at the end reuniting with his family.

Koi Tujh Sa Kahan is a 2005 Pakistani Urdu film

Koi Tujh Sa Kahan is a 2005 Pakistani Urdu film, directed by Reema which was released in theaters across Pakistan and UK in August 2006.
Synopsis: Koi Tujh Sa Kahan revolves around a loving husband and wife. Their lives become bumpy and rough because of greed, selfishness and self-centered approaches of a hanful of so-called friends of the family. As after many thrills and sequences full of suspense, the life of this couple is on a smooth track with the efforts of a very thoughtful individual.
CastReema Khan, Veena Malik, Moammar Rana, Bebrik Shah, Simran, Nadeem, Irfan Khusat.

Urdu Color Film "Raqasa" Shaan, Momar Rana and Meera

Pakistani Film "Papu Shahzada" Shaan and Sima

Maula Jat Pakistani most popular film

Maula Jat is one of the most popular films in the history of Pakistani cinema. It is a Punjabi film starring actor Sultan Rahi in the lead role and with Aseia and Mustafa Qureshi as the villain Noori Natt.
Maula Jut was a classic, a film that scored heavily and reached cult status in Pakistan. Such was the impact of the film that it was copied by film makers in Pakistan where several films were given names with the sufix "Jat".
This movie belongs to a different genre and represents a culture which is so much part of the rural Punjab.

Lollywood Punjabi Film "Majajan" 2006

Majajan is a Pakistani Punjabi film directed by Syed Noor which was released across theaters in Pakistan in January 2006. It is reportedly doing very well at the box office. Director of Majajan Syed Noor married the heroine Saima during this film. Majajan is a love story Syed Noor says he "made most passionately". Inspired by the life of Baba Bulleh Shah and his 'ishq' with his 'murshad',

Pakistani Urdu Film "Anjuman" 31 July 1970

Anjuman, a Pakistani Urdu colour film, was released on 31 July 1970, starring Waheed Murad, Rani, Deeba, Santosh Kumar, Sabiha Khanam and Lehri. The film was released during the hey days of Waheed Murad and became a milestone in the Waheed's career. The film was produced by Safdar Masood and directed by Hassan Tariq, a well-known Pakistani film director.
The film was released at the worse political situations of the country. Nevertheless, the film became a huge success, with famous tracks by Runa Laila and Ahmed Rushdi.
The film won Nigar awards in the categories of best film, best director, best screenplay, best musician, best lyricist, best playback female singer, best editor, best art director and best comedian.

Release: Anjuman was released on 31 July 1970, at the worst political time of Pakistan, by Babar Pictures. The film ran for continuously 81 weeks on cinemas and 32 weeks on main cinemas in Karachi. The film did a Platinum Jubilee and became the huge success for the year.
Plot: The film is based on a tawaif  'Anjuman' played by Rani, who plays and flirts with the emotions of Santosh and later fell in love with Waheed. Whereas Waheed loves Deeba in the film. Sabiha is a wife of Santosh in the film and plays a role of helpless woman. At the end, Anjuman (Rani) swallows poison singing song Izhar bhi mushkil hai and gives her life for his love's happiness, i.e. Waheed.
Music: The music directed by Nisar Bazmi. Songs of the films, esp. sung by Runa Laila, became a huge success in the country,
  • Izhar bhi mushkil hai... by Noor Jehan
  • Bhabhi meri bhabhi... by Ahmad Rushdi
  • Bhabhi meri bhabhi... (sad) by Ahmad Rushdi
  • Aap dil ki anjuman mein... by Runa Laila
  • Dil dharke main tum se... by Runa Laila
  • Yadash bakhair bachpan mein... by Ahmad Rushdi
  • Lag rahi hei mujhe... by Ahmad Rushdi

Pakistani (Punjabi) Film Zill-e-Shah

Zill-e-Shah is a Pakistani film, in the language of Punjabi, the sequel to blockbuster movie Majajan.
Synopsis: Kulsoom (Noor) is engaged to Sarwar Shah (Babar Butt), but she is deeply in love with Zill-e-Shah (Shan), whorm she knows from childhood. So kulsoom's marriage is sealed, but in an encounter Zill—Shah kills Sarwar, therefore sent to Jail.

Then an unforthunete incident occurs, when Kulsoom marries Abid Shah (Safqat Cheema), the elder brother of Sarwar. Noor is in discomfort, but so is Zill-e, as he gives put his life, in the realms of dancing girls and an alcoholic. Soon he meets a Stara (Saima) a dancer, who he falls in love with, What will be the consequences of his actions? This does not make any sense if this is sequel to the movie title Majajan, Zill-e-shah supposed to kill his wife's brother.
whats up
Film Release: Soon as the film release, the audience bombed at the cinema houses to watch the film. It has become the first film in the history of Lollywood to be re-released in cinema houses across the country, within only a few weeks of it completing a (fair-to-middling) run at the ticket windows. What's more, the film's (re)release date - February 13 - has pitched it famously against the Bollywood giant, named Billu starring Shah Rukh Khan, Irfan Khan and Lara Dutta.
Fayyaz (the producer) is not content with just rave reviews and a local re-release. He has already planned an international premiere for the film. "We're releasing the film in UK on March 6, with six prints. Before that, we're going to have a grand premiere in Manchester for which we'll be flying our lead actors with us."
The excited producer also spoke of a Dubai release sometime later. Plans were underway for Zill e Shah's premiere in Indian Punjab too, but Fayyaz said, it might have to wait.
Production: Made on a budget of around two crore rupees, unheard-of for a Punjabi film, Zill e Shah attracted popular attention not much because of its print ads but its promotional videos that ran on the various local TV channels. Shot aesthetically, thanks to actor cum director Shaan, the film instantly generated box office heat. For one thing, the songs are a visual delight, and surely Noor and Saima have never looked better.
The producer said: "The entire post of Zill e Shah was done in Mumbai's famous Adlabs, also one of the world's most expensive production houses. Whoever had a chance to watch the rushes simply loved the film. I was hoping for a grand premiere in India, but I don't know if that will be possible now, given the current political situation between the two countries."
Cast: Shan Shahed as Zille Shah, Noor Bukhari as Kulsoom, Saima Noor as Sitara, Mustafa Qureshi as Shah Hussain, Deeba as Shabano/Shah Bibi, Nayyar Ejaz as Murad Shah, Safqat Cheema as Abid shah and Babar Butt.

Pashto Film Adam Khan Aw Durkhanai

Adam Khan Aw Durkhanai is a classic Pashtun romance which has been called the Pashto Romeo and Juliet along with Yusuf Khan and Sherbano. It is considered classic pashto literature.

First Pashto Film "Yousuf Khan Sher Bani" 1970

First Pashto Film Yousuf Khan Sher Bano was the first ever Pashto film released in Pakistan on December 1, 1970. The film was director by Aziz Tabassum, with debut's stars Yasmin Khan and Badar Munir. The film based on Pashto folk story Yousuf Khan and Sher Bano.

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